Alicia Henderson and Atarah Atkinson-  Founders of The Atrium

Alicia Henderson and Atarah Atkinson-  Founders of The Atrium

About THe Atrium

Alicia and Atarah founded The Atrium after knowing each other for over 6 years. Early on in their journey as photographers, they recognized what an asset it was to have a support system in the creative field, and to have a sounding board for ideas and questions while trying to navigate through this competitive industry. This recognition of how valuable collaboration is to growth is what lead us to start building the Atrium community in January of 2017. 

An “Atrium" is a center point, entry way, and meeting room. It is a place of gathering. More than a studio it is a home, and community. The Atrium was cultivated from the desire to have a foundation for growth, a place to feel connected to, centralized in, and comfortable to express yourself creatively. 

Taking the advice and inspiration from the pioneers who came before us, we pull from the legacy of photography, the history of it’s culture, and the traditions curated over time. Historically artists, photographers, and philosophers, would come together to form communities of thought. Just like The f/64 Group, Nadar’s Studio, Worhals Factory, or even The Academy in Athens; we aim to exchange ideas, to inspire, and to challenge each other with new ways of thinking.

The Atrium is a safe space for creative exploration. In a world of critics and misunderstanding, being able to connect with like minded people about art, and creativity is invaluable. A community of people wanting to share and collaborate and connect. Because to us, art is about connection, its about being seen by each other, being reminded that we are not alone.

Come be a part of the community, lets create together.



The Atrium

1717 Troutman St. #243

Brooklyn, NY 11385


+1 (707) 496-5718